There shall be four categories of membership:

  1. Full Membership is open to health professionals or researchers working or interested in the field of OPD.
  2. Student membership is open to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled (minimally half time)  in a university based educational program. Student membership automatically transforms into full membership on 31st of December each year and can be re-applied for by submitting respective documentation to the Treasurer.
  3. Retiree membership is available to members who are fully retired yet maintain an interest in the Academy.
  4. Affiliate membership is open to those individuals or corporations/organizations who have a real and substantial interest in the Academy aims.


Termination of membership

a. Membership shall end by death. It shall not be transferred to his heirs.

b. Membership automatically ends when a member has not paid his annual fee before 31st of October of the fiscal year.

c. Membership ends by voluntary withdrawal of a member from the Academy by written notification to the Secretary at least 1 month before the start of a new fiscal year.