Poster Submission


General Information

The EAOPD invites members of all Academies and non-members to submit abstracts to be considered for poster presentation at the ICOT 2018(July 20 and 21) Meeting at the Wolfson Theatre and Osler Long Room at the Royal College for Physicians in Regent's Park in London (UK).  Poster display dates are July 21, 2018.  Abstracts should report completed investigations that contribute to education, research, and/or clinical practice.  The presenting author of an accepted abstract must register for the meeting and is required to be present at the requested time by the organizing scientific committee.


Submission Deadline

All abstracts must be received by May 31, 2018. They should be submitted by email to Michael Koutris; The EAOPD will confirm receipt of the abstract within two weeks.  If you do not hear from EAOPD we kindly ask you to send a follow up email.


Criteria for Selection

-Abstracts must be original scientific material that has not been previously published or presented at any other national or international meeting. 

-The scientific committee will give high preference to original clinical or basic research abstracts of Randomized Controlled Trials and Observational Studies (Cohort study, Case control study).

-Case reports may be accepted only if the scientific committee determines that the material presented is of high interest and high quality information.



-The body of the abstract must not exceed 250 words, including references, but excluding title and authors.

-The body of the abstract must contain the following eight sections preferably in this order and labeled as noted:

Title: Title text should be in bolded font. Capitalize the first word and all proper nouns contained in the title and sub-title. Please clearly indicate the nature of the study in the title (i.e.: case-control, randomized controlled trial, etc.)

Author(s): Authors should be listed by last name, followed by first name initials, after the abstract title. The name of the presenting author should be underlined

Affiliations: Indicate any affiliations to a University/College or Private Practitioners and city

Aim of Investigation: aims/purpose, hypotheses, and goals of the investigation

Methods: brief description of experimental procedures including statistics, study design and analysis

Results: findings of statistical analysis

Conclusions: one or two major conclusions that are supported by results

Acknowledgements and/or Funding Source: include reference to grant support, including grant number, and disclosure of any financial relationship the author may have with the manufacturer/supplier of any commercial products or services

Additional Formatting Requirements

- Abstracts must be written in English language.

- Font should be Times New Roman, font size should be 12, and font color should be black.

- No tables or illustrations may be included in abstracts.

- Only generic drug names should be used.

- Results and conclusions should be included at the time of submission. If these are missing, the abstract will be rejected.


Submission Materials

All Abstracts must be submitted with the attached form, completed.



The presenting author will be informed by email regarding the acceptance or rejection of the abstract by June 30, 2018.



If you need any further information, please feel free to email  Michael Koutris;